Perception – Unapologetic

What people say has no bearing on who you are, what you do, and how you react. I mean, it really isn’t your business what others think, right? Stop letting people dictate your actions. See, we are responsible for ourselves. We take years building, searching, and putting together “the who” we are. It is a continual process.
On that journey, we grab a sprinkle of this, and a dash of that from those we witness get the results we desire. Those seasonings are mixed within our bowl of life walks molding us into “the who” we are, so be unapologetic. The making of you is not simple, the recipe is always changing.

Too many times people see themselves through the perception of how others see them. That deception is just a ticket if allowed gets punched to dictate the “who” others would have them to be instead of the “who” they really are. So, stand in your truth and be unapologetic.

We live in a time inclusive of so many social platforms with so much influence. I get it, it’s hard but dont allow your individuality to get lost.

So, if walking in your energy provides the path that helps to create you and makes you better as person in whatever part of your life, choose you and be unapologetic.

NEVER Apologize
– For how your light shines because others view it as casting a shadow over
– For the light you shine. Greatness wasn’t meant to be hidden.😜
– For how you walk your path. We are all learning to be our best selves.
– For your willingness to build and not become complacent.
– For being more focused on self rather than the perception of how others view you.
– For having a greater sense of who you are.
– For people perspective of your shine and how they feel within it.

You need to examine the person you are through your own lens and not the lens of others. Determine your goals, know your strengths, and be unapologetic.

I was once told I was too candid, and it came off as aggressive. I smiled and stated I am who the corporate men in my life have made me. I am a sprinkle of this and a dash of that molded into a strong, witty, bright light shining individual. I believe in cutting to the chase leaving no room for misinterpretation. I am unapologetically me and still a molding in progress for all to see.

Walk in your energy and be intentional on your path and unapologetic. Sometimes we must be our own biggest cheerleader. What do you think?