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Mission Statement

To apply education and professional skills/ knowledge to help enhance business processes by bringing an outside of the culture perspective. This will aide in creating sustainability that aligns with the mission and vision of the client, utilizing marketing, graphic design and promo items to aide in getting the word out and help with company branding.

Vision Statement

To promote growth in the knowledge of data and how it can be effective in helping a company progress.

Why Me?
What Makes My Services Different?

What is the Method of Implementation?

Completed work for companies such as:

~ GM
~ Vascutek, A Terumo Company
~ 3-D ETC, Inc
~ Concept Industries
~ Northeast Guidance Center
~ POH Medical Center (Oxford)
~ Mumford Robotics Team
~ Maestro Print Management
~ Alternative Counseling & Services
~ Animal Health Clinic & Services
~ Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing

Client Reviews

"Tara Cross dependably provided professional graphics support in the course of helping deliver IT strategy/planning services..." Jim Sutton

"I have worked with Tara in one of the Web Page re-vamp project at General Motors. She was very active and helpful in providing thoughtful gyan on various techinical aspects around html.Because of her significant contributions towards this project, we were able to complete the project on time with highest customer satisfaction." Niranjana Ramaswamy

"Tara is an exceptional IT professional. We brought Tara into Vascutek to help with the development & implementation of our SharePoint site. Tara was not only able to provide us the structure but also to think outside the box and give us valuable recommendations to enhance and make the site more user friendly..." Keith Larson

"Tara Cross redesigned over 30 websites in support of a divisional initiative within 3 months. She was responsible for consulting with leadership across multiple departments, documenting business requirements and solely responsible for the design of every site as well as updating site content. She met all deadlines, met expectations and performed all work in a professional manner. She has the ability to execute, resolve problems and exhibits a results oriented disposition." Liz Irick